BTAC and Current COVID-19 Guidelines

On 4th November 2020 the Government updated the ‘Businesses and Venues Which Can Remain Open’ list. The Government also removed the statement about there being another business closure document to follow so the British Acupuncture Council (BAcC) may now cautiously assume that this is the final and complete list at this time.

Any changes to the above referenced document include the removal of all specific mentions of acupuncture and so the only phrase that could apply to BAcC members is ‘medical and dental services.’

The relevant section states:

Other businesses are permitted to stay open, following COVID-19 Secure guidelines. This includes those providing essential goods or services, including:

  • Medical and dental services

The BAcC is supported in this classification by the Professional Standards Agency (PSA) which means that its members should be able to practice in BAcC phase 3: Urgent care and high needs.

What does this mean for BTAC?

It is down to individual professional judgement who fits into the category of “Urgent Care and High Needs.”

We have been informed, by the BAcC, that we may operate under our COVID-19 secure status and offer treatment to patients falling in to the outlined categories. This currently means we may work with patients requiring support with the following:

  • anything affecting mental health and the maintenance of chronic pain etc could be seen as High Needs
  • a consideration could also be whether treatment is time dependant – such as in IVF cases
  • treatment can depend on whether the patient is likely to require further medication or see a GP if they weren’t treated until after the lockdown

If you are in any doubt about the above and wish to discuss treatment with a practitioner under the current situation please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

The BTAC team.